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What If Your Car Was Stolen?

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The Stolen Car Problem

Tens of thousands of cars are stolen every year.

So if your car is stolen, don’t leave it to chance to get it back.

Invest in a reliable and easy to use tracker that will protect your work ute, classic car or family vehicle 24/7.

With Solid GPS – The Best Car GPS Tracker in Australia

Thief Stealing a car With A GPS Tracker

Why Buy Solid GPS?

Solid GPS is an Aussie-Built tracker you can place anywhere in your car, motorcycle, caravan or anything big with or without wheels.

Your Solid GPS tracker is simple to use and there’s no wiring involved, just charge it up and turn it on.

Your tracker comes with everything you need to get started from the charging cable to your very own 4G SIM card (which goes in your tracker, not your phone).

What You Get

What You Get With Solid GPS

How Solid GPS Works


Once you place your order, we'll assign your tracker to the email you ordered with.

It'll then be shipped out by the next day with Auspost.


After charging and turning your tracker on, place it inside your vehicle.

When your vehicle moves, your tracker will detect that movement and update your vehicles location every few minutes.


You can login to your app to see where your vehicle is 24/7.

And also set geofences and receive alerts if your vehicle exits/enters a specified area.

Choose Your Subscription

You get a 31-day trial before your subscription begins.
A one time payment of $147 is required for Solid GPS.
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Don't Leave Your Car Unprotected

Out of Pocket $5,000+

Insurance doesn't cover everything. If your car is stolen, you could be out of pocket over $5,000.

50% Stolen From a Home

Over half of all cars are stolen from your home, what if they're never caught and return for more?

Every 11 Minutes

One vehicle is stolen every 11 minutes, that's 50,000 vehicles every year. Protect what you value with Solid GPS.

What People Like You Say

Solid GPS
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David Gold
David Gold
00:32 08 Jan 22
I have two of these units now - one for a work vehicle and one for a daughter's vehicle. Easy to conceal, they only need charging every few months, with the dashboard being easy to use whether on mobile or desktop. Love supporting an Aussie company that delivers the goods!
Margret Nankervis
Margret Nankervis
06:38 22 Dec 21
Service great. Delivery quick. Easy to use instructions. Still playing with our tracker but back up service is good.Will definitely give us peace of mind.
Steve Fuery
Steve Fuery
05:24 19 Dec 21
I’ve hidden one of these units on my motorcycle. Unboxing/setting up was super-easy with clear instructions and the app is intuitive enough to figure out. Any questions I had were answered in the FAQs in the app (and they’re on the website too). Great communication from Nathan to advise of a minor delay on my order, but being up front about something like this is excellent customer service and a couple of weeks was completely understandable, given we are living in a world of recovering supply chains. The ability to share the tracking status/map also gives my family peace of mind knowing where I am if I’m on a bush ride and that I’m moving. It’s pretty cool to be supporting a great home-grown product too.
10:31 13 Dec 21
I've been using the Solid GPS tracker for a couple of months and I'm really impressed! It is easy to use and set up, small enough to hide on my motorbike, and I've had zero problems so far.The Solid GPS web site is slick and functional, the mobile app works well (Android) - there's really nothing to dislike. I'm a happy customer and have recommended to my mates.
Blair Mclean
Blair Mclean
06:15 26 Nov 21
Just returned from an extended trip towing an 18'6 van fitted with a Solid GPS tracker. At all times we had an exact location of the van and the tracking history. When the van is not in use the tracker gives great peace of mind by being hidden in the car. Very easy to install and monitor through the App. Cheap insurance with great back up from Nathan. Highly recommended.
Tony Smits
Tony Smits
06:47 08 Nov 21
Great tracking unit. Fast delivery and great instruction, easy to set-up. Having a easily accessible support page that is easy to understand and FAQ’s is brilliant. (Emergency/Watch Dog mode explanations). This unit is great value as is the subscription. Being able to notify police immediately so they can track in real-time is 1st class.
Frank Lipson
Frank Lipson
02:27 08 Nov 21
Excellent purchase! Really happy with the solid GPS tracking unit and the ease at which it was to set up. Also fantastic support from Nathan and the team when I dealt with them with a couple of newbie questions :-). My emails were responded to very quickly. Thanks again Nathan - I couldn’t be happier
Gavan Ellis
Gavan Ellis
02:42 02 Nov 21
Hi all, just out of Covid restrictions and took the caravan that has the Solid GPS within its interior. Able to keep track of our journey via the app, This gave a reassuring feeling of safety for our caravan with the knowledge that we could track its location. I would recommend this easy to install and operate safety feature to your investment. Excellent service and quick delivery. Many thanks to Nathan and his Solid GPS.Cheers Gavan
Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter
22:06 25 Oct 21
I like the watchdog mode that I can just turn on from the app when I park up and know I will be alerted if the van moves. Battery life is great. I bought the upgraded battery version and it hasn't dropped 1% in the last 3 weeks although I expect that's because it hasn't moved. Easy to hide. Great that it's an Australian based company and pricing is very keen in comparison. Only thing slightly cheaper might be an old mobile hidden but that would need to be hard wired to stay charged all the time and wouldn't have the same features as this device and app.
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Choose Your Subscription

You get a 31-day trial before your subscription begins.
A one time payment of $147 is required for Solid GPS.
Got a Question? Call 03 9015 4529 Now!

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Why We Charge A Subscription

A 4G SIM Card Is Included

We include a great SIM card at a fantastic price.

And every time your Car GPS tracker transmits it's location, that uses data.

But don't worry, we cover those costs too.

You Get Quick Aussie Customer Support

We have our own unbeatable support team here down under.

You'll always speak to a easy-going Aussie.

Try us out now and call 03 9015 4529.

Your Data & Privacy Is Protected

Your data won't fall into the wrong hands.

We invest in the highest levels of server security.

On top of that we're always updating your tracker with new features.

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Thousands of motorcycles are stolen every single year in Australia.

Don’t let your pride & joy become another statistic, invest in a Solid GPS tracker and you’ll be protected 24/7.

Give us a call right now at 03 9015 4529 or choose your subscription above.