Why You Need to Install A Tracking Device to Your Motorbike

What is a Motorcycle GPS Tracker?

Riding a motorcycle and exploring the great outdoors is a thrilling experience, but there are bumps in the road that are best avoided in the first place. With a thing of beauty like your motorbike, it’s easy to turn heads in the streets and catch unwanted attention from thieves. 

While sophisticated locks and an alarm system can deter burglars, they won’t be enough to completely stop a persistent criminal from whisking away your mechanical steed. When this happens, what can you do to track your lost motorcycle? 

Adding a GPS tracker is the answer that can steer your motorcycle’s safety in the right direction.

Some features you can benefit from using a motorcycle GPS tracking device include the following:

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Benefit #1: Instant Alerts to Your Phone

An alarm system can alert the neighbourhood about your stolen vehicle, but only if it manages to slip past the thief’s radar. 

Some seasoned highwaymen know how to disconnect an alarm, so when it fails, a GPS tracker acts as silent support by sending notifications to your mobile devices once it detects suspicious movement. 

Such as your motorcycle leaving your home, work, café or anywhere you might stop for a bit.

The alert generally comes in the form of a push notification or email, allowing you to react quickly and recover your motorcycle before all is lost. Or at least find where it’s been whisked off too.

Benefit #2: Track Your Motorcycle Wherever It Goes

Time is of the essence once your motorcycle falls into the hands of criminals as they’ll quickly disassemble your motorbike for parts or sell it. 

The longer your motorcycle stays in their possession, the lower the chances you’ll find your pride and joy in one piece.

Seeing as how you need to beat the clock and find your motorcycle before it’s taken apart, a GPS tracker can give you an edge against thieves because you’ll be able to recover it lightning fast.

On top of the alerts you receive, you can easily stay on top of the swindlers and recover your motorcycle when they park it in their location.

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Benefit #3: Save Money by Lowering Your Insurance Premiums

Paying for insurance premiums is beneficial in more ways than one, but while it enhances your safety measures, the overall costs to maintain it can burn holes in your wallet too. 

But when you add a covert GPS tracking feature to your motorcycle, insurance providers will deem you as a less risky driver, resulting in more affordable insurance premiums on top of having an additional layer of security.

It’s a win-win.

The Bottom Line: GPS Tracking and Beyond

Just like our vehicle’s functionality and systems, the safety measures you can utilise took a turn for the better as technologies like GPS tracking make it easier to protect your motorcycle against thieves in more ways than one.

Your security system can take on a more sophisticated route, allowing you to ride your way around town with greater peace of mind knowing that you can always keep track of yourself and your motorcycle’s whereabouts, no matter the environment.

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There’s no denying that having GPS tracking systems can seem too complex for some. However, when you partner up with a company that provides exceptional services on top of high-quality tracking devices, you can do nothing wrong.

Solid GPS offers amazing GPS solutions for personal and business use. You can trust that we use the best technology to help track your resources and keep them in check for operations. Besides that, we offer easy integration, excellent customer support, and more.

If you’re looking for an Australian tracking device for your vehicle, check out Solid GPS and purchase a package today!

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