Solid GPS Tracker: From Motorcycle Theft to 24/7 Vehicle Protection

How It All Began?

The idea for Solid GPS was born when our neighbourhood was struck by a series of car and motorcycle burglaries. 

In 2015, my neighbour also lost his Ninja 300 motorcycle to thieves. He was shocked, and for the first time, I truly understood what it felt like to lose something you value. 

Together with the police, they searched the local and surrounding areas. In his mind, his bike was safe, locked away and hidden inside our apartment complex. Unfortunately, with no evidence or tracking device in use, his motorbike was lost forever.

Motorcycle Theft

What Happened Next?

When I bought my own CFMOTO 650, I was fearful the same would happen to me, waking up to find my motorcycle was gone.

By investigating CCTV footage, I discovered locks, alarms and other physical measures only deter some thieves. I witnessed thieves brandishing angle grinders, lifting bikes into vans, anything to make a quick buck. There had to be a better way to protect my bike.

Choosing the right GPS tracker

Looking For A Good GPS Tracker

After searching high and low, I kept running into the same problems over and over again.

Every GPS tracker had at least 2 of these problems

The Aha Moment

I was frustrated with the options available. So I decided to build my GPS tracker and Solid GPS was born. A GPS tracker that is accessible to everyone.

I learnt that people were looking for a device that provided 24/7 peace of mind, was accurate, discreet, and great value for money.

After 17 prototypes and extensive testing, I created Solid GPS, a GPS tracker that is solid protection against thieves.

Solid GPS Tracker Inclusions

The Unfair Advantage Called Solid GPS

We focused on what customers actually wanted. A GPS tracker that’s a nightmare for thieves and a blessing for everyday Aussies.

The unfair advantage called Solid GPS


Our vision is to protect every vehicle on Earth and do something about the hundreds of thousands of them that go missing every year.

And our mission is to provide an accurate, multi-use GPS tracker that’s reliable and delivers 24/7 assurance.

But we won’t be able to do that without you.

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Standard Tracker

Standard Solid GPS Tracker in a box
  • Average 3-Month Battery Life
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 85mm*50mm*22mm
  • 31-Days Free Tracking
  • 4G SIM + Unlimited Data*
  • Free Standard Shipping

Larger Tracker

Larger Solid GPS Tracker in a box

Most Popular

  • Average 6-Month Battery Life
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 85mm*50mm*22mm
  • 31-Days Free Tracking!
  • 4G SIM + Unlimited Data*
  • Free Standard Shipping

MEGA Tracker

MEGA Solid GPS Tracker in a box

Best Value

  • Average 12-Month Battery Life
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 85mm*55mm*35mm
  • 31-Days Free Tracking
  • 4G SIM + Unlimited Data*
  • Free Standard Shipping
*Requires a
P/M or
P/A subscription.
31-day Free Tracking Before Subscription Begins.
Solid GPS Tracker Australian Owned

Solid GPS is based in Melbourne, Victoria. All design, development and assembly is done in-house.

IOS 13+ Required

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