The Story of Solid GPS


When our neighbourhood was struck by a series of burglaries.

Trent was kept up at night with the thought of thieves stealing his Cfmoto 650.

Back in 2015 was the first time theft directly effected him when thieves stole our neighbours Ninja 300.

Read more about that story here.

So thinking back on that experience, and the recent spike of theft where he lived, Trent searched far and wide for a solution.

Trent Presenting Solid GPS

Locks and alarms seemed the most promising.

And I’m sure you know, they’re incredibly useful.

But watch a few CCTV videos of thugs brandishing angle grinders, lifting bikes into vans and other wild tactics and you’ll see what little an alarm or lock does.

Please don’t lose hope yet though.

Because after a couple more hours of research, Trent discovered GPS trackers.

In theory, they can be powerful little devices that can work wonders.

But that’s the problem.

he concept of GPS tracking is strong, however, the tracking market left Trent wanting more.


Take a look below at the issues he found.

And here are some examples of poorly executed trackers we found.

eBay Tracker Examples

Trent thought to himself “why can’t I find a GPS tracker that just works.

And that’s when lightning struck.

He could build his own GPS tracker.

The Solid GPS Solution

It took over 17 prototypes and 12 months of tinkering away to build Solid GPS.

The best Aussie GPS tracker on the market.

But what made it remarkable?

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Some of the benefits you receive with your Solid GPS tracker include:

– A 3 to 6 month battery life.
– Australian customer support.
– A world class SIM card that has access to both Telstra & Vodafone.
– A IOS/Android app with alerts.
– Absolutely no wiring involved for an easy install.
– And an incredibly competitive price with a low flat monthly/yearly subscription.

You can find out more by checking out here.


What Can You Use Solid GPS For?

But what can you use your tracker for?

At first, we focused on motorcycles after seeing there was a huge need for something subtle and reliable.

Exactly what Solid GPS was made for.

But now we’ve expanded into caravans, cars, boats, trailers.

And we’re not just into the generic stuff like vehicles.

We also audit electrical waste by ensuring it goes to the facilities to be properly recycled.

Another fun use is tracking miniature homes that are always on the road.

Or even shipping containers that travel from country to country and somehow always get lost.

There’s hundreds of uses for Solid GPS.

You just need to be creative and you can always give us a call at 03 9015 4529 if you have a specific use case but are unsure if our tracker will be right for you.

Solid GPS on a motorbike


Now we’re well into the life of Solid GPS as a company and it’s been great.

I’m glad you came along to learn about how Solid GPS started and learn a bit about where we’re going.

Our vision is to protect every vehicle on Earth and to do something about the hundreds of thousands of vehicles that go missing every year.

But we won’t be able to do that without you.

If you’d like to get a GPS tracker, I’m 100% sure we won’t disappoint you.

And you can go here to get that.

But if you don’t have a vehicle yet, already have one of our trackers (or for any other reason).

That’s fine too!

Check out some of our articles about The Complete Comprehensive Guide to GPS Tracking.

Or even the History of the Global Positioning System here.

And finally, sign up below to our email list to get great offers on our tracker.

You’ll learn interesting tidbits on how you can protect your precious vehicle.

Whether that be a beautiful caravan, a beastly motorbike or anything in between.

Sign up below and you won’t regret it!

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