Frequently Asked Questions

On average Solid GPS lasts from 3 – 6 months. depending on how much the vehicle moves as your tracker operates based on detecting movement. We remind you as it’s getting close to running out of battery and you can easily recharge it with our included Micro-USB cord.

The tracker will take 6 hours to charge. The LED indicator will turn off when the battery is fully charged.

Emergency mode decreases the time between GPS transmissions in the case of emergencies.

Emergency mode begins when you turn it on via the dashboard and your GPS tracker goes off once.

Watch Dog mode notifies you if your vehicle activates twice or your vehicle leaves a 75m radius.

In your settings you can share your account with law enforcement, friends or family and they’ll have access to your dashboard for 24 hours. Next you can activate emergency mode which increases how often Solid GPS transmits its location to every minute.

Instead of tracking based on a set timed interval i.e. every 10 minutes, Solid GPS tracks based on movement. Whenever your vehicle moves our tracker detects that movement and sends it’s current location to your dashboard.

Solid GPS utilises 550 different mobile carriers, switching between them when it detects a better network signal. Using our SIM card we’re able to switch between the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G cellular networks automatically.

No, We do not incorporate Bluetooth into our tracker as it only has short range capabilities and is not practical for long range applications i.e. when your vehicle gets stolen.

  1. Remove your tracker from the packaging. Turn on your tracker by using the provided SIM card opener to flick the white switch on the side of the tracker away from the charging port. Place the tracker inside the asset you want to track and wait 3 minutes for it to get a signal.
  2. Enter the dashboard via the website or IOS / Android app and check if your location is visible. 
  3. If your Solid GPS tracker isn’t receiving a signal
    1. Make sure the asset isn’t underground or under a lot of material i.e apartment building.
    2. Make sure the tracker is the correct side up and placed flat.
    3. Move the tracker to a different area inside the asset.

You can purchase a Solid GPS tracker by clicking on the Plans tab at the top right of the screen.

In the case that your Solid GPS Tracker is unable to acquire a GPS lock, your device will locate the closest cell tower and a larger circle will appear on your dashboard’s map. Allowing you to narrow down the search until the device is able to acquire a GPS signal.

90mm * 55mm * 22mm

  • Solid GPS Tracker
  • SIM card
  • Unlimited SIM card Data Plan
  • Charging Cord
  • 31 Day Trial
  1. In your account settings Select  “Add New Device Boundary”
  2. Click on the grey square at the top of the map and draw your boundary.
  3. Move the boundary by clicking the hand at the top of the map .
  4. Delete the boundary by clicking on the bin icon.
  5. Name your boundary in the text box below the map
  6. Select which type of alerts you’d like to receive and press “Submit”.

Send us a message through the support tab or email us at

If you’re question wasn’t in our FAQ feel free to contact us via the support page or email us at


Solid GPS currently only operates within the blue countries. We will be adding more options soon.

If your country is not supported please message us using the above form or email

Yes you can! Just create an account and head over to the dashboard tab to see our demo.

There’s a monthly or annual subscription fee at $6.99 or 69.99 respectively. Check it out here.

Yes! Solid GPS keeps track of the amount of KMs travelled and displays it clearly on the bottom right corner of the dashboard. You can also reset it by clearing your history.

If Solid GPS does not detect movement for approximately 24 hours, it automatically sends its location approximately  every 24 hours as a safety measure.