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How To Set Up Your Solid GPS Tracker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solid GPS tracker is an Aussie-Built tracker that will simplify the way you track your caravan, car, motorcycle or anything big with/without wheels.

Because a Solid GPS tracker is completely wireless, you can place it nearly anywhere inside your vehicle.

You also don’t need a line of sight to the sky, that means your tracker is a lot easier to install. Just turn it on and hide it in your vehicle.

85mm * 50mm * 22mm, just about the size of a credit card.

This is also the same size as our larger battery model.

Our mega battery tracker is 85mm * 55mm * 35mm.

The Solid GPS Tracker

  • Solid GPS Tracker
  • SIM card
  • Unlimited SIM card Data Plan
  • SIM card opener
  • Charging cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • 31-Day Free Trial
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Fast Aussie Customer Support

Learn more benefits here.

Australian Prices:
Standard Tracker – $157 AUD
Larger Tracker – $197 AUD
MEGA Tracker – $247 AUD
Subscription – $6.99 P/M or $69.99 P/Y AUD

New Zealand Prices:
Standard Tracker – $169 NZD
Larger Tracker – $209 NZD
MEGA Tracker – $269 NZD
Subscription – $7.99 P/M or $79.99 P/Y NZD

Standard – Free
Express – $10

There is a one-time payment for the hardware of your tracker

Then, after a 31-day free trial, your subscription begins for a flat monthly or yearly rate.

Express shipping is also available for $10 while standard shipping is free.

Learn more about the plans here.

We guarantee Solid GPS works in the following countries:

New Zealand
South Korea

We cannot guarantee that the tracker will work outside of these countries although it may.

Telstra & Vodafone on the 4G network. Your tracker comes equipped with our SIM card already installed and ready to go.

Your tracker comes equipped to use both Telstra & Vodafone and it will automatically choose the best signal available.

You do not need to change phone plans as the SIM card is for our tracker to transmit its locations, not your phone.

Learn more here.

Emergency mode decreases the time between GPS points to 2  minutes while moving. This automatically turns off after 6 hours.

To do that, turn on “Emergency mode” by flicking the corresponding button on your dashboard to red.

Watchdog mode creates a temporary boundary around your last GPS point.

When your tracker next moves, that triggers watchdog mode, alerting your email and phone and activating emergency mode.

To turn on “Watchdog mode” flick the corresponding button on your dashboard to green.

Excellent & Great: Your tracker is receving an excellent signal, no need to do anything.

Good or lower: If your vehicle is stationary and it receives a signal quality of ‘good’ or lower, this is fine.

But if your vehicle receives this signal while moving, we recommend relocating your tracker to a different location inside your vehicle and ensuring the unit is flat with the label side facing the ground.

Cell or ‘poor’ GPS signal: Your tracker is unable to obtain a GPS signal where it’s currently placed, this could be due to parking in an underground carpark or your unit itself has been knocked over or moved.

This is a status that appears on your dashboard.

What it means is your tracker is currently in sleep mode. Once it detects movement (it does this automatically), your tracker will wake up and the status will change to “moving” and then begin tracking your vehicle.

Your Solid GPS tracker will save between 50 – 100 GPS points to its memory and upload them to your dashboard when mobile coverage is found again.

If your Solid GPS tracker does not detect movement for approximately 24 hours, it automatically sends its location every 24 hours.

In your settings, you can share your account with law enforcement, friends or family and they’ll have access to your dashboard for 24 hours.

Scroll to the bottom of your account’s page to the “Reports & Sharing Section, choose how long you want to share your dashboard and click “Generate”.

Next, you can activate “emergency mode” which increases how often Solid GPS transmits its location every 2 – 5 minutes.

You can purchase a Solid GPS tracker by clicking on the ORDER NOW tab at the top right of the screen.

I’ll start with where you shouldn’t place your tracker.

Avoid places that are fully enclosed by metal such as a metal toolbox, trailer, etc.

As for where you can:

  • Under the seat
  • In the glove compartment
  • In the boot
  • Inside the carpet lining
  • Somewhere lower down inside your vehicle

It is entirely possible that your tracker may not work in an area listed above, that’s fine, try to move it to a different area recommended above.

If troubles still persist, try contacting us using the form above or email us at

On average, Solid GPS lasts for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on how often your vehicle moves and the battery size ordered.

We will remind you when your Solid GPS tracker gets close to running out of battery then you can easily recharge it with our included Micro-USB cord.

There’s an option to upgrade the battery life that can last for 6 or 12 months when ordering the larger or mega battery variant.

Your Solid GPS tracker takes 12 hours + to recharge. The red LED indicator will turn off when the battery is fully charged.

We recommend charging your Solid GPS tracker overnight.

Instead of tracking based on a set timed interval (i.e. every 10 minutes), Solid GPS tracks based on movement.

Whenever your vehicle moves, your tracker detects that movement and sends it’s current location to your dashboard.

As your vehicle continues to move, your tracker will continue to activate every 2 – 5 minutes and slowly increase the time between location intervals to every 10 minutes. You can also turn on “emergency mode” to reduce the time between intervals.

  1.  Take out your Solid GPS tracker and place it on charge until the red LED extinguishes.
  2.  Flick the switch on the side of the unit away from the charging port with the SIM card opener to turn on.
  3.  Place your unit near a window to calibrate.
  4.  Download the Solid GPS App, log in and go to your dashboard. Check your email for log in info.
  5.  Check to see if it’s connected after 5 minutes.
  6.  Place Solid GPS in your vehicle on the correct side up.

To learn more, watch this video.

  1. Go into your account settings and scroll to where it says “share your dashboard”.
  2. After that, select how long you would like to share your dashboard for and press “generate”.
  3. Then copy the link that is generated and share it with anybody.
  4. Click the “Cancel Sharing Link” to stop sharing your tracker.

Go to your dashboard and scroll to the date range area, then select the range of dates you want to see on your dashboard.

There is a limit of only seeing 400 GPS at once to avoid long load times. If you would like to see more, contact us using the form above or email us at

The tracker is already assigned to the email you used to order it. 

Check your email on the day you ordered your unit and you should have received your login details from

It consists of your email and a randomly generated password that you can copy and paste to log in at

If you DID NOT order from the website, go to to activate your tracker.

That’s because when you initially ordered your unit, we automatically created an account for you and emailed you the password from

Please check your email on the date you ordered your tracker, copy and paste the password and use that to login to your account.

Send us a message using the form above or email us at

We automatically send you a reminder to your phone & email when your tracker is at 30% charge.

You can also see how much charge is remaining at any point in time when you login to your app or the website.

  1. In your account settings, select  “Add New Device Boundary”.
  2. Click on the “add boundary” button at the top of the map and draw your boundary.
  3. Name your boundary in the text box below the map.
  4. Select which type of alerts you’d like to receive and press the tick.

We can’t reduce the boundary size because sometimes the tracker reflects poorly off of the satellites and if your boundary was 10 metres, it might end up outside that boundary and trigger a notification that your vehicle has left.

The second reason why is that the tracker normally takes at least a minute or two to send the first GPS point and by the time it has sent that first point, the vehicle would have been out of the boundary and you would receive notification no matter if the boundary was 10 metres or 75 metres.

Your latest GPS point will automatically be coloured red as a way to highlight where your vehicle is right now.

There are no requirements if you have an Android device.

If you have an Apple device, you need to have IOS 13+ on your phone or else you can’t download the app.

Yes, we recommend placing your tracker inside your vehicle rather than externally as your Solid GPS tracker can still receive a strong signal while not having a clear view of the sky.

However, we don’t recommend placing it fully enclosed in a metal toolbox.

Cars, caravans, motorcycles, boats & machinery are generally fine as they have windows/less metal and you’re able to place your tracker inside the glove compartment, under the seat, in the boot, etc.

Register an account at and log in.

Navigate to the dashboard tab or go to to see a visualisation of how your tracker would work.

Yes! It doesn’t matter what network your phone connects to the internet with, your Solid GPS tracker will work with all of them.

As long as your phone is able to connect to the internet, you’ll be able to track your vehicle 24/7.

And even if your phone can’t connect to the internet, your tracker will still track, no matter what.

Yes you can have your tracker permanently on charge through the USB, although this will reduce the capacity of the battery over the long-term.

Somewhat, because Solid GPS activates every couple of minutes, we calculate the KMs between each GPS point, not your actual roads taken.

The KM calculation we provide is an approximation.

No. We do not incorporate Bluetooth into our tracker as it only has short-range capabilities and is not practical for long-range applications (i.e. when your vehicle gets stolen).

If a tracker uses Bluetooth, it’s also incredibly easy to detect by downloading a Bluetooth scanning app.

Your tracker needs to be turned on and then activate a couple of times for the battery status to update. 

That’s all good! In your instructions, there should be a heading titled “Activating Your Tracker”.

All you need to do now is go to then enter your email and the 15-digit number underneath the barcode on your tracker and sign up for a subscription.

This occurs when your tracker cannot find a GPS signal or is actively trying to find a GPS signal. 

The main reason this occurs is that when your vehicle enters underground parking, garage, shed, etc, the GPS signals are unable to pass through certain types of metal or take a longer period of time to pass.

When your tracker next detects movement if it has moved from that location, it should find a GPS signal again quickly. If it doesn’t, contact us using the form above.

If you’ve just received your tracker and charged it up or you’re recharging it up after it hit low battery, then do this:

  • Turn your tracker off for 10 minutes if it isn’t already.
  • Place it near a window.
  • Turn it back on and check your dashboard after a few minutes.

This rarely happens when your vehicle is most likely parked in an area where the tracker cannot get a clear/good signal.

What happens is the unit reflects poorly off of the GPS satellites and believes it’s in a slightly different location to the real location, triggering your boundary.

To avoid this happening, we recommend using boundaries rather than Watchdog mode in areas where you’re parking more frequently and not once off.

Australian Owned

Solid GPS is based in Melbourne, Victoria. All design, development and assembly is done in-house.

IOS 13+ Required

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