How Safe Is Your Vehicle?

Over 50,000 Vehicles are Stolen Every Year.
Secure your Motorcycle with Aussie-Made Solid GPS.
The New Way to Track your Pride and Joy.

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The Spine-Chilling Stats

The Insurance Problem

Insurance doesn't cover everything, the average vehicle theft victim ends up forking out over $5,000

Over 50,000 Stolen

50,000 vehicles stolen every year and that number's only going up. That's 1 vehicle stolen every 11 minutes.

50% Stolen from a Home

How safe would you feel if a thief stole your car from your home? What if they're never caught and return?

The Stolen Vehicle Problem

No matter if it’s your caravan, car, motorcycle or anything in between.

They all can get stolen.

Despite the pandemic, vehicle theft is still near the all time record of 50,000 vehicles stolen every year.

But don’t lose hope yet!

Because we’ve spent 3 years building an unbeatable GPS tracker that will ease your fears.

You’ll be over the moon knowing that anything from your Hayabusa to your Hilux is protected 24/7.

Read more about the fantastic benefits you get below.

What Is Solid GPS?

It’s a GPS tracker you can place anywhere in your caravan, motorcycle or car that just works.

There’s no wiring involved or complex instructions, just charge it up and turn it on.

Best of all, our tracker comes with everything you need to get started from a charging cable to your very own 4G SIM card with a very competitive rate

Solid GPS Tracker

3 - 6 Month Battery Life

You don't have to worry about charging for a long time. You can also upgrade your tracker to last for 6 - 12 months.

12 Month Warranty

A lot of Solid GPS is built is Australia and we're proud of our quality. So you get a 12 month warranty on your tracker.

Phone Notifications

If your vehicle moves and you aren't around, a notification will hit your phone. And it's all through our app for free!

4G Telstra SIM Card Included

You get our world-class SIM card that uses Telstra on the 4G network for a fraction of the price since we buy in bulk.

3 Minute Set up

No Wires. No 20-page instructions. All you need to do is just turn your tracker on!

Australian Support

Call or Email us and you'll always get a quick response from someone you can understand. Call us at 03 9015 4529.

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A 31-day trial is included in your subscription.
A one time payment of $147 is required for Solid GPS.
Got a Question? Call 03 9015 4529 Now!

How Solid GPS Works

How Solid GPS Works

Choose One

A 31-day trial is included in your subscription.
A one time payment of $147 is required for Solid GPS.
Got a Question? Call 03 9015 4529 Now!

What The Experts Say

Nationally motor vehicle theft rose 9 per cent (4,802 vehicles) in the 12 months to December 2019 to a total of 58,285. Total theft volumes were up [across Australia].

Motorcycles suffered the largest increase of 11 per cent.

What can be more valuable in the event of theft than knowing the exact location of your machinery?

Investing in GPS tracking and geo-fencing software, offers peace of mind in always knowing exactly where your machinery is, as well as lower insurance premiums.

Choose The Vehicle You Want to Protect

Australian Owned

Solid GPS is based in Melbourne, Victoria. All design, development and assembly is done in-house.

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