Portable Asset Trackers

Most of our assets aren’t as secure as we’d like. At SolidGPS we’ve built Portable Asset Trackers that operates worldwide, requires no installation, track automatically and much more. 


Long Battery Life



Everything you
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Adaptive Tracking

Car stolen? Suitcase theft? Boat float away? Adaptive Tracking senses movement and immediately updates your dashboard with your assets current location. So you know where your stuff is 24/7.

Worldwide Coverage

We utilise over 550 carriers in over 170 countries across the globe, no matter where your asset is taken, we’ll find it.

Custom Reports

Custom reports cut down on the time spent in the dashboard. We compress your location history into a downloadable report. Detailing the locations your asset visited while converting them to real addresses, automatically identifying patterns and routes and labeling frequented places.

Set and forget

Add custom boundaries to your account and receive alerts if your asset leaves or enters the area.

More Reasons to Choose Us

No Complicated Installation

You don't need a degree in electrical engineering to use our tracker, just place it in a hidden location and you're good to go!

Long Battery Life

Multiple breakthroughs at SolidGPS have boosted the battery life of our device from 6 - 24 months, depending on activity.

Built In-house

Our portable asset trackers are 100% designed, developed and manufactured by in-house. Meaning we understand how it works and can continue to provide a better performing tracker.

Undetectable Tracking

Solid One blends into the background of any vehicle, with it's small size combined with a dark exterior it won't be seen.

No third-party access

We don't share any of your information with third-parties. Protecting you and your information.

Share your location

Send family, friends or the police your asset's location to get help when trouble arises.


Solid One is so small and easy to use. By having it in my Hyundai Accent, it gave me the peace of mind knowing that I could easily track my car in case it was stolen!
Satisfied Customer
Riz Akhtar
Hyundai Accent Owner

Solid GPS is based in Melbourne, Victoria. All All manufacturing and development is done in-house.