Solid GPS Tracker: 5 Anti-Theft Features That Deter Thieves

Why Is Solid GPS A Thief’s Worst Nightmare?

Back in 2015, I lived in an apartment complex in Melbourne, Australia. My neighbour had a Ninja 300, it was a beautiful red and black beast.

He had owned it for a couple of years and spent hours working on it every week.

Even though it was cheap compared to other bikes, he loved it.

Every night, he pushed the chain through the bike frame, locked his bike up and hid it out of sight.

Trouble came one night when a van slowly crept into the parking lot and made a b-line for his motorbike.

They had easily passed through the gate because it had been stuck open for weeks and would never close, leaving everything inside the parking lot extra vulnerable.

As that sneaky van slowly came to a stop, 4 guys exploded out of the van at a breakneck pace.

Rushing towards my neighbour’s bike, one carried bolt cutters and snapped the lock while the other three got in position and lifted it into their van.

In a matter of seconds, they were gone. My neighbour contacted the police but I think deep down, he knew it was hopeless, it was like a bit of his soul was stolen from him along with his bike. 

A few years later, I got my own CFMOTO 650. Remembering the incident with my neighbour, I checked out the latest stats for motorcycle and car theft. What I discovered shocked me.

Motorcycle and Car Theft in Australia 2020-2021

Learn more about the raw stats from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

After learning that theft is a massive problem for motorcyclists and drivers in general and to protect my own CFMOTO, we set out to create a device that would help put these scumbags behind bars.

We did that and it’s called Solid GPS.

Here are 5 ingenious features that give thieves headaches when they come up against our Aussie-made GPS tracker.

1) Wireless vs Wired: The Pros And Cons

Solid GPS is wireless but what’s the difference between a wireless and wired tracker?

Below is a table outlining the pros and cons of each.

Wireless vs Wired GPS Tracker

If you’re able to think of another pro for other wired GPS trackers, I’d honestly love to know.

You can email me at or go to our support page and send us a message there.

Or if you can’t think of a pro for wired GPS trackers, then sacrificing a bit of short-term convenience is worth it for long-term security by using a wireless GPS tracker instead.

2) Adaptive Tracking: The New Way To Track

As you saw above, Solid GPS uses its own internal battery. How does it know when the vehicle is moving to transmit its signal? Through adaptive tracking.

Using adaptive tracking also allows us to achieve a long battery life, on average 3 – 6 months. 

If driving is not a common activity and you just want peace of mind, for example, you only drive on the weekend, that’s fine too.

If no movement has been detected in 24 hours, Solid GPS wakes up and sends its location, providing real 24/7 protection.

Fact about Solid GPS Tracker

3) A World Class SIM Card

Some companies require you to buy your own SIM card, while others provide their own SIM card and charge a monthly or yearly fee. We do this too.

But it’s good to find out what kind of technology the SIM card they provide uses, for example, is it 2G or 4G?

In Australia, 2G was shut off between 2016 and 2017 by Optus, Vodafone and Telstra.

This was chaotic for companies that provided their own SIM card because their GPS trackers stopped working completely.

That’s not where the bad news ends. One tracking company decided to charge their customers to upgrade them from 2G to 3G.

Wasting a lot of time and money, and leaving a horde of angry customers like this reviewer.

Bad review about GPS tracker

Things are done differently here. We provide a SIM card that has access to 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G, which also automatically switches to the best mobile network available.

In English, that means if you’re connected to the Telstra network, our SIM card will automatically connect to Vodafone instead if they have better coverage. 

This new way of utilising a SIM card gives more coverage Australia-wide, it’s not limited to Australia either!

4) Down Under Design & Development

It’s safe to say hardware made in Australia is on the decline. But we’re bucking the trend by making our hardware here and that provides a few sneaky benefits that we did not know about till recently.

For one, since we built Solid GPS all by ourselves, we can help with any problem and answer any question, and there isn’t a massive wait time. If you don’t believe me, head on over to our support page and send us a message.

What countries does Solid GPS operate in?

This goes doubly so for software suggestions, for example, one of our customers asked for the ability to create multiple boundaries.

In less than a week, that feature was done, dusted and ready for all our customers to use. There’s no gatekeeping here.

How does this help with theft though? 

It does indirectly, let’s say you were curious to see if your GPS tracker could work in an area with no mobile network? Or maybe in a shipping container?

We can answer those questions (no to the first one and yes to the second depending on placement) and more. 

Ask a $30 eBay-listed GPS tracker for assistance and most of the time it’s radio silence because that price point doesn’t allow for any questions.

What you get at $30 is the lowest quality product with zero customer support.

So, we help not only by creating great products but by assisting after the fact, with questions, suggestions and even replacements if something goes wrong during shipping, etc. You get what you pay for.

5) Everything Is Included

I hate buying something, going home and then realising batteries are not included.

If I slowed down and read, I would probably see “Batteries not Included” plastered on the packaging but isn’t convenience better?

Using lazy people as inspiration, with a Solid GPS tracker, there is nothing extra needed to buy.

Solid GPS Tracker Inclusions

The SIM card talked about above and batteries which can be easily recharged as a charging cable is included too.

The faster your vehicle or asset can get protected, the better.


These five features mix to create a nightmare for thieves. Imagine running up against a device that:

  • Knows where you are 24/7
  • Is able to be hidden well
  • Has zero connections
  • Works almost anywhere
  • Notifies the owner when leaving certain areas

Talk about the unfair advantage called Solid GPS.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us on our support page and if you’re interested in protecting your assets, get your own state-of-the-art Solid GPS tracker today.

You get a 31-day tracking trial before the subscription kicks in as a bonus.

Finally, if you’re not ready to order yet, that’s fine, sign up for our email list below.

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