Common Issues with TKstar GPS Trackers

TKstar Technology Co., Limited is a manufacturing company based in China and currently operating in over 150 countries worldwide.

TKstar is a designer and manufacturer of GPS Tracker/GPS Navigation and GPS wireless communications products, dedicated to bringing customised solutions to clients across the world.

TKstar offers a wide range of products ranging from bulky vehicle trackers to portable devices tiny enough to fit in your pocket.

The device works based on existing GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites, and can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or Internet.


How To Set Up TKStar Tracker

When setting up a TKstar tracker, it will surely take time as you will need to carefully follow SMS command instructions in the user manual.

It includes different sequences of characters and upper case and lower case letters to set each of the categories before you can start tracking your asset. 

From rebooting the device, setting the GMT time zone, changing the device into sleep and no sleep mode, SMS tracking, online tracking, website tracking, and up to setting up APN. 

TKstar is incredibly customisable but not favourable if you’re looking for a system that’s done for you.


TKstar SIM Card Set Up

Just like a mobile phone, the TKstar GPS tracker requires a SIM card to work and one isn’t included within the packaging.

And you must keep in mind that the SIM you’ll buy must work within your country and also with the TKstar tracker.

According to their Amazon’s product descriptions, it is mentioned that their tracker works with 4G & 2G networks.

And by inserting the sim into the device, you can real-time track through SMS, App and Website on mobile phones, tablets or PC.

On the contrary, on the Walmart website where you can also see their product page, the description opposes what the device is claiming to be, which is also the truth.

“Our device only supports GSM(2G) network, Pls buy a GSM(2G) SIM card for the gps tracker, Tmobile and SpeedTalk support GSM(2G) network. We recommend:Speedtalk,$5 per month, it is the cheapest month fee in all SIM. The other gps tracker need 1,525 usd per month.”

This has been validated by one of their Amazon customers who live in the United States.

“This is a 2G device and does not support 3G/4G areas at all, get real please. I did not even get a chance to check the battery life because in Greater Chicago area, this 2G device does not work at all. Did return it.” says, Jose on April 25, 2019.

And confirmed by the TKstar GPS by answering a customer’s question.

“Hi, the device can only work well with 2G, so please make sure there is 2G network coverage in your area and the card can support 2G.” says TKstar GPS on May 27, 2019.

So, for you to start using the TKstar GPS tracker, you have to have the appropriate SIM card first which is on 2G service.

Learn more about which SIM card is right for you.

2G Mobile Network Shutdown

The discontinuation of 2G networks and the imminent shutdown of 3G networks by Telstra has left many Australians wondering what will happen to their mobile network and GPS service. 

With the shutdown of 2G networks, Australians are being forced to move to more advanced 4G services, which will provide them with better coverage, faster speeds, and improved connectivity. 

As such, it is necessary for individuals to prepare for this shift in technology by investing in compatible devices that can utilise these newer network services. Furthermore, Solid GPS systems are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative tracking option.

TKSTAR GPS Tracker Fact

TKstar IOS/Android App

Moreover, we may agree that having SMS and Website tracking are useful when locating your asset, but are more beneficial when you use a GPS tracking app.

Poor user experience is one of the most common reasons why applications and products often fail. The TKstar GPS app is a prime example, as its reviews have highlighted its poor app experience.

If you search and check its Google Play store and Apple store, you can see how a lot of customers are venting out their experiences using TKstar’s trackers.

Here are some customer reviews of TKstar GPS Tracker:

“Useless: I too have had my tracker stopped on the app. And there is no way of updating your password to try and log in. Customer service is always down according to the generic email I receive back. Now I have a tracker and a topped up sim card for no reason. Very poor.”

“The location of TKstar GPS tracker is always wrongly shown on this app, what is the reason? Please guide.”

“Not accurate, refresh every 15 second, but still this app can’t locate actual GPS. What if the car got carnap? Unless GPS can’t locate the location.”

Notifications are an important part of any app, especially when it comes to the purpose of locating an asset. Unfortunately, TKstar’s app fails to deliver on this basic function and leaves users frustrated with its inability to locate an asset due to inaccuracy and lack of notifications.

Learn more about how GPS trackers get so accurate in the first place.

TKstar Customer Support

Customers should be aware that their products are based and developed in China. As such, it is important to manage expectations in terms of customer support. 

For instance, due to the language barrier, customers may not receive the level of customer service they would expect from a product with a more localised presence. 

Furthermore, due to the time difference between China and other countries, there may be delays in getting responses from customer service representatives. It is important for customers to take these potential issues into consideration before making their purchase decision.

TKStar customer support review

In accordance with what this manufacturing company stated on their Amazon product page, they provide a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support for their trackers.

Even promising to respond within 12 hours and claiming to have excellent service and professional support for its customers. But even providing contact details such as mobile number, email, skype, or WhatsApp doesn’t guarantee any response from them.

In today’s digital age, customers expect brands to be truthful and honest in their commitments. When customers are not given the level of service they expected or have been promised, they are likely to express their dissatisfaction through Social Media platforms. 

Unfortunately, this has become a common occurrence for TKstar as they may not be able to fulfil the promises they make to their customers.

Sad to say, most TKstar customers ended up questioning where to go and whom to ask for support and assistance due to its complicated GPS tracker.

“Absolutely terrible service, paid for the lifetime activation 2 days ago, nothing happened. E-mailed them twice with no reply, tried contacting them 3 times by Skype, no reply.”

“Can’t get after sales service, don’t answer messages. Crap firm.”

“Rip off company making people pay annual fees and not getting anything in return after trying to contact them and getting no reply. Selling goods that don’t function like they should in PayPal dispute at the moment trying to get my money back. Not to be trusted.”

Is A TKstar Tracker A Good Buy?

That being said, if you’re looking for a GPS tracker in the market where you want to set it all up yourself, uses both GPS and LBS, has built-in magnets, and works only with a 2G network, then you can consider getting the TKstar GPS tracker. 

Unfortunately, the tracker doesn’t have a backup battery inside. So if the original battery dies, there’s no way you can replace it or retrieve it back to yourself.

When it comes to portable GPS trackers, battery life is essential.

solid gps vs tkstar gps tracker

Before you make your decision on which GPS tracker to get for your pride and joy, you may check what we had to say about the key features of a reliable GPS tracker here. 

So, if you’d like a hassle-free tracker that’s easy to use and has an excellent support team, then a Solid GPS tracker is the best GPS tracker for you.

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