Features of the Best Theft Tracker in 2024

To cut through the clutter of the massive amount of GPS trackers that flood the market, we’ve picked out the f̶i̶v̶e four best theft trackers in 2023.

From the car enthusiast who wants to track his or her car 24/7, to the manager who wants to monitor their fleet of trucks or vans.

Or anything big on or off wheels.

We’ve got a tracker for everyone. Here’s a chart we’ve built up in case you want to compare tracking companies.

Most popular anti-theft trackers

The Best Theft Tracker

There’s always cause for concern when you’re parking your vehicle. 

At any time a thief could break in and steal your caravan, motorbike, boat or any vehicle. Most people know someone affected by vehicle theft, it could’ve happened to your neighbours, your friends or even you.

But what if you could get back your pride and joy in record time? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate form of justice?

On top of that, your insurance premiums don’t rise and you don’t have to pay your excess.

But, which theft tracker do you choose? You should be looking for a tracker with the following characteristics:

What the best theft tracker should have

1) Low Monthly Subscription

Unless you’re opting for real-time tracking (which we don’t recommend for theft protection). Your subscription should NOT be more than $15 a month.

Because we built our own tracker, we have insider information on how much it should cost you and anything over $15 a month is too much.


As they have either purchased an off-the-shelf tracker or their fees are lining their pockets. Both are bad options in our books. But you also don’t want to use a free tracking app because of the following reasons:

Low Monthly Subscription in a GPS Tracker

2) Data Privacy

You don’t want your data, especially where you’re travelling daily, to fall into the wrong hands. And if you don’t pay a subscription, that’s where “free” tracking apps get you.

You become the product. As stated above, a subscription shouldn’t cost you more than $15 a month.

So although you should pay a subscription, don’t pay an exorbitant amount. And a nice bonus that comes with some subscriptions is a dedicated support centre.

Even better if that support centre is in your own country.

Data Privacy in a GPS Tracker

3) Australian Support

If a thief steals your vehicle, you need the right help by your side. Check to see if the company you’re interested in has the following:

– People manning their phones.

– Responsive email support.

Because you don’t want to leave yourself wondering what to do if thieves steal your vehicle

Check that the GPS tracker you’re ordering has responsive email times at least.

Australian Support in a GPS Tracker

4) The Right Sim Card

Using the right SIM card is essential to how your GPS tracker performs.

The 2G network has been discontinued and is no longer online. Telstra has also indicated that the 3G network will also be shut down by 2024. Solid GPS utilises the 4G network which won’t be shut down until at the latest, 2035.

The Right Sim Card in a GPS Tracker

On top of that, SIM cards like Aldi’s state that you cannot use them with a GPS tracker. And they can turn off their SIM cards at any time.

Your best bet is to find a tracker that comes with its own SIM card. Your subscription should cover this cost too.

Why you can't use an ALDI SIM card in your tracker

Within Australia, it’s best to check if your SIM card is either Telstra/Optus with 4G for the best coverage.

This is also a good opportunity to test how responsive their support is. 

To test and see how responsive a GPS company is, it is best practice to give them a call or send them an email and feel free to ask any lingering questions. 

We encourage you to try out Solid GPS response times by calling 03 9015 4529. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

5) Ease of Use and Battery Life

The problems involved with wiring-in a tracker outweigh the benefits in some cases.

From a thief’s perspective, wired trackers are easy to find. Its installation process is complex and takes longer compared to its wireless counterpart. Aside from that, it will cost you extra just by hiring an auto-electrician.

The only good thing about this type of tracker is that there is no need to recharge the device as it is wired directly to the vehicle’s battery and they normally track in real-time.

Ease of use and Battery Life in a GPS Tracker

But you then have to worry about the unit draining your vehicle’s battery.

If you invest in a quality wireless tracker, recharging doesn’t become an issue as a good wireless tracker should last you months. So how much battery life should you expect in a GPS tracker?

Anything under two months is unacceptable as you might forget to recharge your unit. And in reaching that two-month threshold, your tracker should be easily hidden. Around the size of a credit card should be a good fit (taking into account its thickness).

6) Boundaries and Geofences

What you’re able to do with most trackers is select an area around your home, work, etc. Then if your vehicle leaves one of those areas, you’re notified via your phone and email.

Boundaries and geofences are what you call these special zones. This is an essential feature as you want to know as soon as possible if your vehicle is stolen.

Now that you know you shouldn’t pay more than $15 a month for boundary alerts, SIM cards, privacy and support. How much should you pay for a tracker?

Boundaries and Geofences in a GPS Tracker

7) How Much Should You Pay?

I’ve seen trackers that go for over $800. And I’ve seen tiny units for $15 with no subscription. Those tiny units don’t work in Australia because they run on the 2G and they last about a day.

How much should you pay in a GPS tracker

So, how much does a reliable tracker cost? We recommend between $100 – $300 for a single tracker. As anything less than $100 is of lower quality.

And anything above $300 means they either don’t know how to make a cost-effective tracker or they’re lining their pockets.

We know how much a tracker should cost because we’ve built one ourselves and have over 10,000 satisfied customers. Find out more about Solid GPS here.

The Most Important Factor

Reviews are a fantastic way to find out about other people’s experiences. 

If you’re a forum user, posting a thread about a particular tracker should highlight the good and bad or post a thread asking what tracker they would recommend.

If they happen to have a ton of poor reviews, or worse, no reviews at all, this clearly is a red flag. So steer clear.

Solid GPS Tracker Reviews

Which Theft Tracker Should You Choose?

Because you’re a very busy person, we’ve compiled a comparison of Solid GPS compared with other tracking providers.

Solid GPS vs Other GPS Trackers


Tracking devices are a fantastic way to track your vehicle and give you back peace of mind. However, we’ve seen first-hand how deceptive and frustrating looking for a useful tracker can be. I’ve seen tracking companies claim their trackers work in Australia when they only run on 2G. In Australia, the 2G network is no longer operational.

I’m sure you’ve experienced searching for a phone number, email or anyone to talk to and coming up short. And waiting days for someone to get back to you when you asked a simple question. We recommend researching tracking companies you come across by asking a wide network of trusted friends and family. You can also post in various Facebook groups about what GPS tracker they recommend.

It’s always best to do a bit more due diligence before making the plunge and spending anywhere between $200 to $1,000 on a GPS tracking system. You are protecting your pride and joy after all.

If you’re considering a GPS tracker as a gift or for personal use, look no further than Solid GPS. You not only ensure the safety of your valuable possessions but also gain access to exclusive discounts and promotions. Secure your tracker today and make an informed decision for enhanced security and peace of mind.

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MEGA Tracker

MEGA Solid GPS Tracker in a box

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  • Average 12-Month Battery Life
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 85mm*55mm*35mm
  • 31-Days Free Tracking
  • 4G SIM + Unlimited Data*
  • Free Standard Shipping
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