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What If Your Boat Was Stolen?

Don't Think It Could Happen To You?
$11M Of Boats Were Stolen In 2022.

Don’t let your boat become a victim of theft.

Secure your Toyota RAV4 quickly with a Solid GPS tracker.

Recover your boat faster than before with this simple boat tracking solution.

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Solid GPS Tracker In Box

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The Truth About Boat Theft

Boat with GPS tracker

It’s absolutely infuriating how simple it is for someone to steal your boat! 

You come home to find your garage broken into and your speedboat gone – or your boat disappears from your front yard while you’re peacefully asleep.

Don’t think that your boat would ever get stolen? It’s happened to thousands of people before.

Criminal syndicates easily transport your stolen boats across state lines, making them harder to identify even if recovered.

Boat with GPS tracker

Take the opportunity to recover your boat back faster than ever before with Solid GPS. 

Setting up this cutting-edge boat GPS tracker is a breeze, and it will stay powered for months on end. 

Don’t wait – take control of your boat’s security with Solid GPS!

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Solid GPS Tracker

$157 $247

A portable GPS tracker you hide in your vehicle that tracks nearly anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Or call us at (03) 9015 4529

How Solid GPS Works

Holding Up GPS Tracker

Step 1

Once you place your order, we'll assign your tracker to the email you ordered with.

Your tracker will then be shipped out the same day with Auspost.

Tracker hidden in a motorcycle

Step 2

After charging and turning your tracker on, hide it nearly anywhere inside your boat.

When your boat moves, your tracker will detect that movement and update your boat's location every 2 - 5 minutes.

Solid GPS Dashboard On A Computer (600 × 300px) (1)

Step 3

Then log in to your account on your phone or computer and monitor your boat 24/7.

You can also always reach out to us at (03) 9015 4529 or send us a message here.

Solid GPS Plans

Standard Tracker

Standard Solid GPS Tracker in a box

Larger Tracker

Larger Solid GPS Tracker in a box

MEGA Tracker

MEGA Solid GPS Tracker in a box
P/M or
Begins after a 31-day trial. Cancel anytime.
Call us at (03) 9015 4529 for any questions.

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Customer Reviews

Mark Minehan
Mark Minehan
Your product has been great so far and the monitoring software works a treat. The unit is small and unobtrusive, and the battery operation makes it easy to hide with no tell-tale wiring to indicate its location. Nice work SolidGPS team... Warm Regards, Mark
Bought to use in my campervan, working as it should, notifications via the app or email if it senses the vehicle has moved when in "boundry" mode or "watchdog" mode, pleased it is an Australian product, the company was quick to respond when I was having some initial setup problems, sorted out quickly and efficiently
David Ryrie
David Ryrie
Great product, gives you peace of mind when leaving your vehicle.
Chose Solid GPS over other brands as I wanted a cheap but simple and reliable security device and tracker. Solid GPS clearly meets all of these requirements and has triggered alerts swiftly every time I have moved my caravan without disabling Solid GPS. 1 month into using it and the extended battery is still showing 100%. Very impressed with this simple little device. Highly recommended.
Mario Michael
Mario Michael
A basic and easy product that does the job. So far very happy....
Peter Jaques
Peter Jaques
Great product. Excellent battery life. App is simple and easy to use.
Graeme M
Graeme M
Quality, professional product. Excellent interface using app or internet. Very accurate positioning. Company is easily contactable and responsive. Yearly cost very fair and affordable. Australian product. Can't get any better than that. Highly recommend.
Grant Hearnden
Grant Hearnden
GPS works great, brilliantback up service!
Or call us at (03) 9015 4529

More Boat Tracker Bonuses

Boat with a portable GPS tracker

We’re proud to tell you that the Solid GPS tracker is built right here in Australia, so you can trust that you’re getting a quality tracker at a great price. 

Plus, since we built it ourselves, we can provide you with the best support possible if something goes wrong – no need to be sent to an overseas support centre!

Solid GPS is only slightly larger than your credit card at 85*50*22mm, making it easy to hide in your vehicle without anyone noticing.

Great news! We’ve got something awesome for you; unlimited app notifications, totally free of charge!

No matter how many phones are logged into your account, you’ll receive notifications without any extra cost.

Plus, if your partner downloads the Solid GPS app and logs into your account, you’ll both receive alerts – How cool is that?

It only takes two clicks and you’ll be able to share the location of your vehicle (that has your GPS tracker hidden inside) with law enforcement, friends, or family. Easy peasy!

Whenever your vehicle is on the move, your tracker will detect that movement and start updating its location every 2-5 minutes.

And if your vehicle is stationary for 24 hours, your tracker will send you its location each day.

Your Solid GPS tracker works anywhere in Australia and New Zealand with mobile coverage.

If your tracking device enters an area with no mobile coverage, it’ll save the locations it travels to and will upload where your tracker travelled to once back inside mobile coverage.

We keep up to a year’s worth of your tracking history with us for free, and then securely delete it.

Plus, you can download detailed reports of where your vehicle has been over your travels.

No need to worry – you’ve got a 31-day trial before your subscription kicks in.

You can easily cancel at any time with just one click on your account settings page. All you’re paying right now is the one-time payment for your tracker’s hardware.

Or call us at (03) 9015 4529

Even More Reviews

Stewart M
Read More
I have placed a tracker on my boat which is anchored permanently.

Not only does it safeguard it from being stolen but also notifies me if it breaks away and drifts.

Although neither of these have happened to date to be able to have a quick look at my phone and see it is still in the same place is reassuring. The service and advise offered by Nathan and the team can not be faulted.

A great product with great support.
Colin B
Read More
Really great company to deal with. Easy process to order, unit arrived quicker than promised and easy to set up.

Have been using for 2 weeks and it does everything that it is supposed to.

I could track our boat being taken from our house to a hardstand by the mechanic and then track it being moved around the yard as different work is being done.
Mike H
Read More
The Solid GPS unit and phone App is a great solid Aussie product.

No hacking your cars wiring, just charge it up and hide it deep in your car/bike/ship etc. You can set alarms and boundaries and send the location of your "thing" to friends or the cops in two clicks.

All for a coffee a month!
Steve H
Read More
Had issues with my tracker. Nathan was fantastic and worked with me through all of my concerns and questions.

My tracker now works perfectly!

Can highly recommend these guys if you are considering a tracker for your bike, car, caravan, yacht or other equipment.

By far the most cost effective option and it works! 👍
Dane A
Read More
A product you hope to never need, but brilliant when you do! A much more reliable and cheaper alternative to traditional insurance to protect against stolen caravans, yachts or vehicles.

Plus your asset is recovered quickly (hopefully prior to any damage) in the unfortunate event of theft.

We’re comfortable leaving our caravan locked at free camps knowing if it’s not there upon return it’ll be found super quick!
Holding Up GPS Tracker
Or call us at (03) 9015 4529

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and it’s super easy to keep track of all your trackers – you can add as many as you want to your account.

To make sure each one is easy to identify, you can give each of them a unique name and colour.

This can be done quickly by heading over to the account settings section on the Solid GPS app or website.

Your tracker is designed to be tucked away inside your vehicle, hidden and away from any harsh elements.

However, if you’re concerned that it might come in contact with dust or water, we suggest putting it in a sealed container or a ziploc bag to give it some extra protection.

Your Solid GPS tracking device uses the full Telstra & Vodafone network in Australia and Spark & Vodafone network in New Zealand, whichever has the strongest signal at that point in time.

And even if your vehicle enters an area without mobile coverage, your tracker will save the locations it finds and upload them when you’re back in an area with mobile coverage.

We’ve been going strong for five years and we’re proud to say we’ve never raised the price of our subscription.

We don’t plan to increase the cost in the future either.

You get everything you need, including a SIM card, data, customer support, an app, and so much more!

The battery in your tracker is rechargeable, so there’s no need to replace it.

We recommend recharging it every 3 or 6 months, depending on the model you purchased.

And your battery should stay in great shape for at least 500 recharges!

The Solid GPS tracker is designed to provide you with precise tracking all across Australia and New Zealand. 

So no matter where you go, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your vehicle’s whereabouts.

If your tracker enters an area with no mobile coverage, don’t worry! It’ll save the locations your vehicle travels to and will upload where it went when your vehicle is back in an area with coverage.

Or call us at 03 9015 4529

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