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What If Your Boat Was Stolen?

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The Stolen Boat Problem

How much does your boat or jetski mean to you? A lot.

So don’t leave it to chance to get it back if it gets stolen.

Invest in a reliable and easy to use tracker that will protect your pride & joy 24/7.

With Solid GPS – The Best Boat GPS Tracker on the Seas.

The Best Boat Tracker - Solid GPS

Why Buy Solid GPS?

Solid GPS is an Aussie-Built tracker you can place anywhere in your boat, car, caravan or anything big with or without wheels.

Your Solid GPS tracker is simple to use and there’s no wiring involved, just charge it up and turn it on.

Your tracker comes with everything you need to get started from the charging cable to your very own 4G SIM card (which goes in your tracker, not your phone).

What You Get

What You Get With Solid GPS

How Solid GPS Works

Rocket Ship Step 1


Once you place your order, we'll assign your tracker to the email you ordered with.

It'll then be shipped out by the next day with Auspost.

Charge Battery Step 2


After charging and turning your tracker on, place it inside your vehicle.

When your vehicle moves, your tracker will detect that movement and update your vehicles location every few minutes.

Place in vehicle Step 3


You can login to your app to see where your vehicle is 24/7.

And also set geofences and receive alerts if your vehicle exits/enters a specified area.

Choose Your Subscription

You get a 31-day trial before your subscription begins.
A hardware cost of $147 is required for Solid GPS.
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Don't Leave Your Boat Unprotected

Thousands of Boats Stolen

How safe would you feel if a thief stole your boat? What if they're never caught and return for more?

Over Half Never Recovered

Over half of stolen jetskis and boats are never recovered.

The Insurance Problem

Insurance doesn't cover everything. If your boat is stolen, you could be out of pocket over $5,000.

What People Like You Say

Solid GPS
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John Gollan
John Gollan
09:45 30 Jun 22
I was skeptical at first, but all that is gone now after using in my caravan for a while now - 'a no nonsense' product that was exactly what I wanted. It is a small discrete black box that can be hidden easily. The phone app is easy to use and I really like 'watchdog mode' - this is where you set up a boundary fence and get alerts to your phone if it goes outside the boundary. This product is a great price and is without the bells and whistles. Well done SolidGPS!
Dale Grose
Dale Grose
10:27 26 Jun 22
Very happy with the Solid GPS for tracking my caravan. Unit is small and appears to be well made with a good battery life. App works well and will notify if caravan is moved and will also track how many kms the caravan has travelled. Annual subscription for the service is very reasonable, about the same as a cup of coffee per month. Highly recommend .
Valerie Hawkins
Valerie Hawkins
07:12 18 Jun 22
I bought a Solid GPS tracker for my new camper. Although only a few weeks old, I can say it works perfectly. I feel confident now to leave my camper for the day when travelling Australia, knowing if anyone steals it, I will know exactly where it is & will be able to report the campers location to the Police.I will be buying a second Solid GPS tracker for my car. Such a small cost compared to the cost of the car & camper. Not to mention the inconvenience it would be if either one was stolen. Realistically with the Solid GPS hidden in my car & camper, the Police should be able to recovery them promptly.I love this GPS, very quick postage, easy to set up, great support, minimum monthly charge for the SIM card data AND it’s Australian made.Highly recommend
Colin Brown
Colin Brown
03:30 10 Jun 22
Really great company to deal with. Easy process to order, unit arrived quicker than promised and easy to set up. Have been using for 2 weeks and it does everything that it is supposed to. I could track our boat being taken from our house to a hardstand by the mechanic and then track it being moved around the yard as different work is being done.
Bob Martin
Bob Martin
09:26 04 Jun 22
After looking at various trackers I decided to purchase the Solid unit which was promptly delivered with free trail period. It is very simple to setup, alerts when the vehicle is moved outside the user defined boundary and is easily concealed in the vehicle no wiring necessary. The supplied Sim rate is very reasonable, very happy with my choice.
Tim Brosnan
Tim Brosnan
00:46 21 May 22
This is a great product that every caravan owner should include in their kit. It provides reassurance that you know your van is secure irrespective if it is in your driveway or storage (as ours is). We love the ability to share access to the location with Family members when we are travelling for safety reasons. I am disappointed that the insurance companies are not offering discounts on insurance for Caravans that have them fitted.
Susan Jackson
Susan Jackson
20:19 11 May 22
Love how easy it is to hide the GPS in your vehicle as it is small and compact. Love that my family can see where I am when I travel and park up for the night . It gives them a feeling of security knowing they can follow my journey or at least the vehicles journey throughout my trip. Thanks to the great after sales service everything went easily and smoothly setting up my tracker.
Geoff Wilcox
Geoff Wilcox
10:06 11 May 22
Have only just started using (in NZ), but found it simple to set up.Did our first trip recently - liked the report I got from you.I will be promoting your product to both caravan Facebook groups I belong to, should any question arise in either group. Happy to recommend.
Russell O'Connell
Russell O'Connell
02:58 11 May 22
This is a great Ozzie product with a very competitive price tag that works really well.Any problems will be sorted straight away by Nathan at 'Solid'.How good is it these days to get that personal customer service!I highly recommend this company.Thanks guys.
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Choose Your Subscription

You get a 31-day trial before your subscription begins.
A hardware cost of $147 is required for Solid GPS.
Got a Question? Call 03 9015 4529 Now!

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A 4G SIM Card Is Included

We include a great SIM card at a fantastic price.

And every time your GPS tracker transmits it's location, that uses data.

But don't worry, we cover those costs too.

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You Get Quick Aussie Customer Support

We have our own unbeatable support team here down under.

You'll always speak to a easy-going Aussie.

Try us out now and call 03 9015 4529.

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Your Data & Privacy Is Protected

Your data won't fall into the wrong hands.

We invest in the highest levels of server security.

On top of that we're always updating your tracker with new features.

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Thousands of motorcycles are stolen every single year in Australia.

Don’t let your pride & joy become another statistic, invest in a Solid GPS tracker and you’ll be protected 24/7.

Give us a call right now at 03 9015 4529 or choose your subscription above.