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What If Your Boat Was Stolen?

Don't Think It Could Happen To You?
$11M+ Of Boats Were Stolen In 2021.

Stolen boats/jetskis can easily be moved and used between states.

But you can easily secure your with a Solid GPS tracker.

The simple way to get your beast of a boat back faster than ever before.

Solid GPS Tracker In Box

Don't let your boat become another statistic

The Best Boat Tracker - Solid GPS

Boat and Jetski theft in Australia a easy, low-risk and profitable criminal business

Criminal syndicates transfer stolen jetskis & boats between states, where there is more difficult to identify the stolen vessels.

You should give your boat and jetski the best chance of recovery with a boat tracker.

You never know when it’s going to be your unlucky day.

Your Solid GPS boat tracker comes with simple instructions and doesn’t need any wiring to your boat.

It’s completely battery powered, can be hidden nearly anywhere on your boat and lasts on average 3 – 6 months, making it even harder for a thief to find and discard.

And you receive plenty of time to get your beloved beast of a boat back.

How Solid GPS Works

Holding Up GPS Tracker

Step One

Once you place your order, we'll assign your tracker to the email you ordered with.

Your tracker will then be shipped out the same day with Auspost.

Tracker hidden in a motorcycle

Step Two

After charging and turning your tracker on, hide it nearly anywhere inside your vehicle.

When your vehicle moves, your tracker will detect that movement and update your vehicles location every 2 - 5 minutes.

Solid GPS Dashboard On A Computer (600 × 300px) (1)

Step Three

Then login to your account on your phone or computer and monitor your vehicle.

You can also always reach out to 03 9015 4529 or send us a message in the support page.

Solid GPS Tracker

$180 $157

The Solid GPS Tracker That Will Simplify The Way You Track Your Caravan, Car, Motorcycle or Anything On/Off Wheels.

Or call us at 03 9015 4529

Solid GPS Plans

Standard Tracker

Standard Solid GPS Tracker in a box
$180 $157

$6.99 P/M or $69.99 P/A per tracker
After a 31-day trial.

Large Tracker

Bigger Solid GPS Tracker in a box
$247 $197

$6.99 P/M or $69.99 P/A per tracker
After a 31-day trial.

Or call us at 03 9015 4529

Don't Leave Your Trailer Unprotected

Thousands of Boats Stolen

How safe would you feel if a thief stole your boat? What if they're never caught and return for more?

Over Half Never Recovered

Over half of stolen jetskis and boats are never recovered.

The Insurance Problem

Insurance doesn't cover everything. If your boat is stolen, you could be out of pocket over $5,000.

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Customer Reviews

Solid GPS
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David Mayfield
David Mayfield
21:53 19 Oct 22
I purchased the Solid GPS tracker for our around Australia trip in our caravan and have been very impressed with it's performance and accuracy. So far we have travelled almost 9000km (3 months) with every camp, fuel stop and rest break being logged with the tracker. It still has 80% battery life from the initial charge before we left and has been pinpoint accurate. I would definitely recommend this to everyone 👌
Malcolm Osborne
Malcolm Osborne
03:25 14 Oct 22
This is a very easy to use and setup product. The App provides good information regarding the location of your equipment, and the state of the battery. Other functions are watchdog mode and Emergency mode. I also found the customer support to be exceptional, when I had issues with the correct location of the device in my caravan.In my opinion “Its a great device, that’s well supported”
Keith Watt
Keith Watt
08:03 13 Oct 22
I am very impressed with the Solid GPS tracking device; firstly that it was so easy to use and does an excellent job of tracking and locating my caravan and secondly, I am also extremely impressed with the prompt, very helpful and friendly support service provided.I have now purchased a second Solid GPS device for my car. Both devices link into my phone and I can switch to see where my car is and where my van is by just selecting the particular tracking device on my phone – so easyThe ongoing annually cost to enable the phone to link with the device is very minor and well worth it for peace of mind.
Sandy Alp
Sandy Alp
21:54 28 Aug 22
My Solid GPS gives me peace of mind - with my boundaries keeping an eye on my car when I am at home, at work or out exercising. I know where my car has been with my tracking history.Hopefully my car never gets stolen, but f it does I am confident I will be able to find it. I am very happy with my Solid GPS.
Jacqui Hepburn
Jacqui Hepburn
09:31 25 Aug 22
Affordable tracking, small unit, a single charge has stayed at 100% for 5 weeks, affordable annual rates, everything they state about the product is true. I cannot thank you enough for making it possible to put a tracker in my car! Everything else was just....painful. But with Solid GPS, this is so easy, so affordable and not invasive ie no hard-wiring into the car. Thanks so much 😁
Pam B
Pam B
09:46 24 Aug 22
Easy to set up the App with simple user interface. Particularly like the Watchdog mode. Great to see a local product ticking all the boxes.
John Ramsay
John Ramsay
07:24 11 Aug 22
The unit arrived very promptly and after an overnight charge it connected to my mobile with no issues. A very easy set up. I added a strip of self-adhesive velcro to the back of the unit to attach it to an inconspicuous part of my camper trailer and it works perfectly giving me extremely accurate coordinates of the trailers location. Overall a safe and quick transaction for a reliable product at a reasonable price point.
Rooray in OZ
Rooray in OZ
00:56 22 Jul 22
I did a fair bit of research before deciding on the SOLID GPS for my classic car.I’m very happy with it. I’m no techno head but I was able to get it up and running ok.I put it under the passenger seat so I can easily move it to another vehicle if necessary.For the price it is great “peace of mind”I’ll be getting a second one for my motor home.After sales service is exceptional too.
Jim Stephanis
Jim Stephanis
07:48 14 Jul 22
Great product at a reasonable price. Battery life is excellent. Would prefer it shows the actual roads travelled rather than point to point. Bought out if necessity for Comprehensive Insurance purposes & piece of mind if ever stolen.
Jim Stephanis
Jim Stephanis
07:48 14 Jul 22
Great product at a reasonable price. Battery life is excellent. Would prefer it shows the actual roads travelled rather than point to point. Bought out if necessity for Comprehensive Insurance purposes & piece of mind if ever stolen.
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You Get Quick Aussie Customer Support

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We include a great SIM card at a fantastic price.

And every time your GPS tracker transmits its location, that uses data.

But don't worry, we cover those costs too.

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Your data won't fall into the wrong hands.

We invest in the highest levels of server security.

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