How to Recover a Stolen Trailer in 6 Hours

Stolen Trailer Tracker

Introduction John Jones works at Ark Window Tinting Solutions and is one of our customers. Back in April 2020, he ordered a couple Solid GPS trackers to install into his trailers. On the 24th of September in 2020 at around 5AM one of his trailers was stolen. Here’s his story of how he got it […]

What is the Best Type of GPS Tracker?

Satellite in the sky

Introduction The world of tracking is a weird and wonderful place. From an outsiders perspective, you might see a bunch of similar devices that track things. But that’s not entirely true. When it comes to the tracking industry there’s price gouging, ruthless competition and a difference between GPS, Satellite, Bluetooth and OBD Tracking. Unless you’re […]

The Complete Comprehensive Guide to GPS Tracking


Why are we sharing this information? A while ago we were talking with a motorcycle shop owner, a streets-smart kinda guy. He had been working on motorcycles basically his whole life.  He said that he doesn’t want to use GPS trackers to protect his vintage motorcycles because he didn’t trust them. (He owned a 1962 […]