Essential Features of an Effective GPS Tracker

Features You Need To Look For In A Reliable GPS Tracker

While GPS vehicle trackers seem to have straightforward mechanics, not all are made the same. Different types of GPS trackers specialise in different purposes. So if you’re in the market for the best vehicle tracker, it begs the question.

What features do you need to look for to find the most reliable GPS tracker solution?

1) Real-Time Tracking

Many GPS tracking devices use a passive tracking system.

This means that the tracker stores data in a receiver unit and isn’t available until you manually download that information stored in said unit.

So it’s not the best choice for vehicle monitoring.

With that in mind, it’s best to narrow your choices by setting your sights on a reliable GPS tracker with a comprehensive real-time tracking feature.

Real-time tracking uses either satellite or cellular modem to stay connected, allowing you to continuously receive updates without any risk of losing data down the road.

However, you can elevate the real-time tracking capabilities by exploring other satellite-based devices in orbits such as Navstar GPS (US), GLONASS (Russia), BEIDOU (China), or Galileo (EU). Solid GPS uses all of these satellite constellations.

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So what factors should you look into when comparing Real-Time GPS trackers?

  • Location Update Intervals – If you need to constantly know where your vehicle is, a real-time tracker with updates of less than 30 seconds is ideal for you. However, it does drain the battery life faster. On the other hand, an average update interval of more than 2 minutes, guarantees a longer-lasting battery.
  • Multiple Satellite Systems – The more satellite systems your GPS tracker can connect to, the lower the chance of potential downtime. Not that satellite constellations are known for failing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Ease of Use – There are two downsides to getting a tracker with all the bells and whistles. Firstly, they’re more expensive to use. Secondly, there’s a chance you won’t even use half of the extra features but you’ll still pay for them.


It’s best to get a barebones unit to trial and if you really need the extra features, order them for your next batch or ask if you can upgrade.

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2) Design and Useability

Speaking of useability, a GPS tracker isn’t limited to its tracking feature but should also have other characteristics that make it easy to use and conceal.

The ideal qualities your tracker should have are as follows:

  • Long Battery Life – You wouldn’t want to lose connection to your tracker mid-transit, especially if it happens to find its way into the hands of carjackers. That’s why it’s ideal to choose trackers with a battery life that can last for at least one month, even when it’s set in short update intervals.
  • Hardware Durability – A tracker that can easily break loses its purpose. So just like any other tech ware, it’s important to choose GPS trackers that are built to withstand abuse.
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3) Monitoring Abilities

GPS trackers with real-time tracking allow you to stay on top of your vehicle’s location, but where does all the data go?

Instead of being limited to your computer, a tracking device with monitoring capabilities extends your useability to PC, mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets.

More importantly, different monitoring abilities can take the tracker’s performance to greater heights, particularly in the following areas:

  • Tracking on any device – Easily connect with your tracker and utilise its expansive facets from geo-fencing, routing history, and alarm systems to its usage reports with web tracking capabilities. You should be able to monitor your tracker on your phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Creating Boundaries – Using your tracker to create a boundary around a specific area and then notifying you if it enters/exits is a must-have tracking feature.
  • Instant Alerts & Notifications – There’s no point in setting up a boundary if you don’t receive timely alerts sent to the devices you actually use. A tracker that only has email alerts isn’t very useful as you need to know as soon as possible if your vehicle has left a particular boundary.
What makes a reliable GPS tracker?


Whether your vehicle is parked in a dark, dingy lot or seems deceivingly safe as it sits idle in your driveway, you no longer have to worry about waking up to your missing car, caravan, boat, or anything you own.

A reliable GPS tracker does wonders for covertly monitoring your vehicle’s movements.

Allowing you to track real-time its whereabouts and receive prompt alerts once it detects your car is in the hands of smash-and-grabbers.

Seeing the pivotal role, a vehicle tracking device plays in preventing car theft and ensuring your or your loved one’s safety.

It’s crucial to choose the ideal GPS tracker with functionalities that meet your unique needs.

Fact About Solid GPS Tracker

There’s no denying that having GPS tracking systems can seem too complex for some. 

However, when you partner up with a company that provides exceptional services on top of high-quality tracking devices, you can do nothing wrong. 

Learn more about our deep dive into the different types of GPS trackers available, and what type would be best suited for you.

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