South Australia’s Top 10 Highest Vehicle Theft Areas in 2023

With its diverse and dynamic regions that offer a multitude of unique experiences for visitors and residents alike, South Australia is undoubtedly a remarkable place to visit or call home.

From the vibrant cityscapes to the stunning natural landscapes, each region boasts unique features and attractions that contribute to its distinct character.

Unfortunately, like many other areas worldwide, South Australia is not immune to the challenges of vehicle theft. In 2022, 3,620 vehicles were reported stolen in South Australia.

Let us explore the top 10 highest vehicle theft areas in South Australia and showcase the reasons why these cities captivate residents and visitors.

Top 10 Highest South Australia Vehicle Theft Areas in 2023

1) Adelaide - 173 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan hub with 173 vehicles stolen in 2022. South Australia has a population of more than 1.3M and is renowned for its thriving arts and cultural scene, hosting various festivals throughout the year.

Adelaide is also famous for its beautiful parklands, including the Adelaide Botanic Garden and Victoria Square. The central location and extensive road networks make it a hotbed for vehicle theft.

2) Mount Gambier - 58 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Nestled in the southeastern part of South Australia, Mount Gambier is a spectacular city known for its natural wonders with 58 vehicles stolen in 2022.

Mount Gambier has a population of more than 28,000 and is home to the stunning Blue Lake, a volcanic crater lake that captivates visitors with its vibrant colour changes. It also boasts magnificent sinkholes, such as the Umpherston Sinkhole and the Cave Gardens.

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3) Salisbury - 58 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Situated in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, Salisbury is a diverse and dynamic area with 58 vehicles stolen in 2022. 

Salisbury has a population of more than 140,000 and is known for its multicultural community and hosts various cultural events and celebrations, promoting inclusivity and diversity. It is home to multiple shopping centres, including the Parabanks Shopping Centre, offering a wide range of retail options.

4) Mawson Lakes - 52 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Mawson Lakes, a suburb of Adelaide, is recognized for its focus on education and technology with 52 vehicles stolen in 2022. 

Mawson Lakes has a population of more than 14,000 and is home to the University of South Australia’s Mawson Lakes campus, which specialises in science, engineering, and information technology. The area’s innovative industries and research facilities contribute to its reputation as a centre for technological advancements.

5) Parafield Gardens - 45 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Parafield Gardens, located within the City of Salisbury with 45 vehicles stolen in 2022. It has a population of more than 18,000 and is a residential suburb known for its family-friendly atmosphere. 

Parafield Gardens offers numerous parks, playgrounds, and sporting facilities, making it an ideal place for families with children. It is also close to major shopping centres, including Hollywood Plaza, providing convenient retail options for residents.

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6) Morphett Vale - 41 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, Morphett Vale is a residential area surrounded by natural beauty with 41 vehicles stolen in 2022. 

Morphett Vale has a population of 24,000 and is known for its vineyards, wineries, and cellar doors, attracting wine enthusiasts and visitors interested in exploring the local wine industry. It also offers easy access to stunning beaches, such as Christie’s Beach and Port Noarlunga, which are popular among locals and tourists alike.

7) Salisbury North - 36 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Salisbury North, another suburb in the northern region of Adelaide, has a mix of residential and industrial areas with 36 vehicles stolen in 2022.

Salisbury North has a population of more than 10,000 and provides access to various amenities, including schools, shopping centres, and public transport options.

8) Prospect - 36 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Prospect is an inner-northern suburb of Adelaide that showcases a blend of history and contemporary charm with 36 vehicles stolen in 2022. 

Prospect has a population of more than 22,000 and is famous for its beautifully restored heritage buildings, which house trendy cafes, boutiques, and art galleries. It also hosts various community events and festivals, such as the Prospect Fair and the Tourrific Prospect Street Party, fostering a strong sense of community.

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9) Port Augusta - 36 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Situated on the eastern coast of the Eyre Peninsula, Port Augusta serves as a gateway to the Australian outback. It has a population of more than 13,000 with 36 vehicles stolen in 2022.

Port Augusta is known for its breathtaking coastal landscapes, with the Spencer Gulf on one side and the picturesque Flinders Ranges on the other. It is a major transportation hub, connecting various regions of South Australia, and it attracts tourists seeking to explore the region’s natural beauty.

10) Murray Bridge - 34 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Murray Bridge is a regional city located on the banks of the Murray River, the longest river in Australia with 34 vehicles stolen in 2022.

Murray Bridge has a population of more than 22,000 and is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, offering opportunities for boating, fishing, and kayaking. It also hosts various events throughout the year, including the Murray River Marathon and the Murray Off-Road Adventure Race.


While these areas have experienced challenges with vehicle theft, they also offer vibrant communities, natural beauty, cultural events, and recreational opportunities. 

Local residents, community organisations, and law enforcement agencies are actively working together to address the issue of vehicle theft and ensure the safety and security of these areas.

Top 10 Highest South Australia Vehicle Theft Areas in 2023

By implementing simple yet effective security measures, such as installing alarms, steering wheel locks, and immobilisers, vehicle owners can significantly deter potential thieves. Additionally, parking in well-lit areas or secure garages, and avoiding leaving valuables in plain sight, can make vehicles less attractive targets.

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