Victoria’s Highest Vehicle Theft Areas in 2023

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate reality that continues to plague various parts of the world, with Victoria, Australia being no exception.

In 2022, Victoria experienced a significant increase in vehicle theft with 16,307 vehicles stolen, with several areas in Victoria standing out as hotspots for theft which resulted in financial loss and emotional stress for the victims.

Let’s explore the top 10 highest vehicle theft areas in Victoria, along with some statistics to shed light on the gravity of vehicle theft in Victoria.

Top 10 Highest Vehicle Theft Areas in Victoria 2022

1) Melbourne - 974 Vehicles Stolen in 2022​

Melbourne tops the list with 974 vehicles stolen in 2022. This is not surprising, considering Melbourne has the highest population in Victoria.

With a population of over 5 million, Melbourne is a hub of economic activity and attracts a large number of tourists each year, making it an attractive target for car and motorcycle thieves.

2) Hume - 797 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Hume, a local government area located in the northern suburbs of Victoria with 797 vehicles stolen in 2022. Hume has a population of over 250,000, and its location near major highways makes it an easy target for thieves.

Fact about vehicle theft in Victoria, Australia

3) Casey - 763 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

The City of Casey is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia with 763 vehicles stolen in 2022. It’s largely a residential area located in the southeastern suburbs. 

The City of Casey has a population of over 350,000 and is known for its natural beauty and scenic attractions.

Casey is home to an extraordinary diversity of cultures, languages, faiths, identities, landscapes, and stories. With some of those stories, unfortunately, being about vehicle theft.

4) Wyndham - 761 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Wyndham, a rapidly growing municipality in Melbourne’s west with 761 vehicles stolen in 2022. Wyndham has a population of over 290,000 and is known for its diverse range of cultures and communities as well as large shopping centres, parks, and growing industrial areas.

How to minimise the risk of vehicle theft

5) Greater Dandenong – 685 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

A residential and industrial area located in the south-eastern suburbs with 685 vehicles stolen in 2022. 

Greater Dandenong has a population of over 160,000 and is known for its multicultural community, with a strong focus on food and cultural festivals, and is home to several hundred manufacturing and industrial businesses.

6) Ballarat – 607 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Ballarat is a regional city located in the central highlands of Victoria with 607 vehicles stolen in 2022. 

Ballarat has a population of over 120,000 and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It was once a major gold mining town, and visitors can still explore many of the city’s historic buildings, mineshafts and landmarks.

7) Greater Geelong – 596 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

A coastal city located southwest of Melbourne with 596 vehicles stolen in 2022. Geelong has a population of over 270,000 and is known for its beaches, waterfront precinct, and cultural events, and is also home to a growing technology industry and a number of educational institutions.

A statement from the Neighbourhood Watch Victoria about vehicle theft

8) Brimbank – 570 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Located in the western suburbs with 570 vehicles stolen in 2022. Brimbank has a population of over 200,000 and is known for its diverse cultural community, with a strong focus on community events and festivals. It’s also home to a number of parks and recreation areas.

9) Port Phillip – 552 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Port Phillip, a local government area of Victoria, with 552 vehicles stolen in 2022. Port Phillip has a population of over 100,000 and is known for its vibrant nightlife, beaches, and boating culture. It’s also home to many heritage buildings and cultural events.

10) Monash – 539 Vehicles Stolen in 2022

Monash, located in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, with 539 vehicles stolen in 2022.

Monash has a population of over 190,000 and is known for its large educational institutions and research centres. It’s also home to several business and technology parks and has a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.


In conclusion, vehicle theft is a growing problem in Victoria, and it is not limited to these areas, theft can happen anywhere.

These figures only represent reported incidents of vehicle theft, and there may be unreported incidents that are not included in these statistics.

Top 10 Highest Vehicle Theft Areas in Victoria 2022

To prevent vehicle theft, take necessary precautions such as locking car doors and windows, parking in well-lit areas, and not leaving valuables visible in the car. 

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