What is the Best Type of GPS Tracker?

Satellite in the sky

Introduction The world of tracking is a weird and wonderful place. From an outsiders perspective, you might see a bunch of similar devices that track things. But that’s not entirely true. When it comes to the tracking industry there’s price gouging, ruthless competition and a difference between GPS, Satellite, Bluetooth and OBD Tracking. Unless you’re […]

What We Can Learn From Motorcycle Theft In 2019

Motorcyclist with Solid GPS

Introduction There’s that sinking feeling in every motorcyclist’s stomach that one day they’re going to come home and find their pride and joy gone. All that’s left will be a broken lock. One time our neighbour owned a Ninja 300 and in the middle of the night, four guys in a van hopped out, cut […]

What You Can Learn From Car Theft in 2019

Car Thief Stealing a Vehicle

Introduction My uncle, Maurice, in his late 50s purchased a beautiful sky blue 1964 Mustang. One frosty morning, as he made his black roasted coffee, something seemed off. The hairs stood up on the back of his neck and rode down his arm. Maurice grabbed a bat from a nearby closet and crept down to […]

5 Clever Features that make Solid GPS a thief’s worst nightmare

Solid GPS is a thieves worst nightmare

Introduction Back in 2015, I lived in an apartment complex in Melbourne, my neighbour had a Ninja 300, it was a beautiful red and black beast. He had owned it for a couple of years and spent hours working on it every week. Even though it was cheap compared to other bikes, he loved it. […]