Inside the Mind of a Motorcycle Thief: Exclusive Interview

In the shadows of society lurks a figure whose life revolves around an illicit and dangerous pursuit – motorcycle theft.

In this eye-opening conversation, a motorcycle thief sheds light on the world of motorcycle theft, providing insights into his motivations, methods, and close encounters with the law. Despite his questionable actions, he opens up about the thrill and addiction that drove him deeper into the world of crime.

Delve into the mind of a motorcycle thief, exploring the complexities of his actions and the lessons we can learn to safeguard our beloved possessions.

Can you tell us about what you do?

My name is Jason, and I’m a motorcycle thief.

I won’t try to justify it, basically, what I do is scout the streets for motorcycles with little to no protection, and, well, I steal them. 

Either stripping them down for parts, selling them online as a quick flip, and sometimes, just keeping them.

Motorcycles are prime targets due to their high market demand and the ease with which they can be dismantled and sold as spare parts. They often lack proper security measures, making them vulnerable to theft.

How to protect your motorcycle from thieves

Why do you steal motorcycles?

I fell into the wrong crowd when I was young, that’s how most dumb shit starts.

I wanted to impress my mates, and I thought doing illegal stuff was the way to go about it.

Started off tagging trains and buses, eventually moving up to crimes that could make me money, stealing motorbikes.

I always rode dirt bikes when I was young, so that came in handy.

What happened the first time you stole a motorbike?

It started in 2015, my mate roped me in. I noticed that he was splashing around a lot more cash, buying fresh kicks, and new clothes.

I asked him what had changed, and he told me he would cut me into his profit if I took on some of the risks.

I agreed, but I didn’t ask any questions, I didn’t think it would be too risky.

Later that night, I was speeding past street lights on a stolen CBR125. In way over my head.

Fact about Motorcycle Theft

Earlier that afternoon, Joseph (not a very stereotypical name) had spotted the CBR125, and after a quick glance, found that it was poorly protected. 

He picked me up later that night on his own bike and drove me to the site. 

It was a beautiful black beastly machine.

As I was fawning over the motorcycle, Joe had already hopped off his bike and was breaking the lock on the CBR and shimmying the key. He was done in a flash. 

My heart beat out of my chest speeding down the road.

I took like 4 wrong turns in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t think straight, but by god, it was thrilling.

I made it to the location where my bike was parked and dropped off the CBR.

Got some nice coin, but it was the thrill that hooked me and caused the addiction.

I kept an eye out on the news for the next couple of days but didn’t hear anything.

A weird, electrifying feeling pulsed through my body every time I turned on the news, I thought for sure my face would appear. But there was nothing.

How do you steal a motorcycle?

There are two main ways I go about it: either cutting/breaking the lock or picking it.

The first is faster and louder, however, picking a lock is way less incriminating and quieter.

No one is going to question you (except the owner) if you’re putting something that looks like a key into a lock.

But you bet your ass you’ll be tackled breaking out an angle grinder or bolt cutters, especially if there are any bikes around.

There is a third way to steal a bike, but this method involves the most risk.    

Using a van and multiple people. Even with a 150 kg bike, three guys can lift that, 50 kg each.

However, I’d advise against it. You can’t escape the police in a van but you can on a bike.

Even if you somehow avoid custody, there is no honour among thieves, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

The theft process involves a delicate balance between speed, skill, and avoiding detection. Teamwork is a double-edged sword, as it provides more muscle but also increases the risk of being caught.

How a thief steals motorcycles

What is the closest you have come to being caught?

I was in the middle of picking into a Ninja 400’s lock, and some random guy came up to me and sparks up a conversation about ‘my’ motorcycle.

He thought the bike I was stealing was mine. 

Asked me how much I got it for, how much I ride and where to.

Somehow, my sixth sense kicked in just before he approached to see what I was doing, and I hid my tools.

I tried to keep it cool, and he somehow did not realise that I was breaking in, not unlocking the bike.

The conversation died away, and he wandered off. I got a really bad feeling about it and bounced, it was a nice Kawasaki but not worth the risk.

Being caught red-handed by a vigilant bystander can quickly turn a theft into a disaster. Quick thinking and staying calm under pressure are crucial to avoiding such situations.

How do you protect against GPS trackers?

Truth be told, I’ve looked up the stats, and not many people use GPS trackers to protect their motorbikes.

It’s either that or people hide them really well.

But if that were the case, I would have been caught a long time ago.

There’s a misconception that I’ve found when it comes to GPS trackers too. People think that we, thieves, are carrying around GPS jamming devices, but we aren’t.

Sure they are easy to get online, but they’re incredibly illegal and it can actually make it easier for you to be found by police.

On top of that, I read somewhere that getting caught with a jammer could cost north of $500,000. Not many motorbikes are worth $500,000 last time I checked.

GPS jammers are illegal and carry severe penalties, making them a risky choice for thieves. Awareness about GPS tracking technology can help motorbike owners in protecting their valuable assets.

What does a motorcycle thief do

Do you avoid anything when looking for motorcycles?

I don’t like going after bikes with scratches and dings. But not because they have less value, a part is a part.

To me, it shows that a bike is the only thing that person has left in the world.

That they’re willing to ride it until it dies, it’s their last hope. I don’t want to be the person who kicks out their last legs, I’m a motorcycle thief, not a psychopath.

Any tips for people trying to protect their motorbikes?

This is the best way I can give back after stealing so many bikes. If you use a chain lock, don’t leave any part of the chain loose, which leaves it vulnerable to smashing attacks, then we can lift up the bike and get at it easier. 

Make a thief’s life as hard as possible, this stuff is just way too easy most of the time. 

Another one is CCTV cameras, even fake ones work well. A smart thief does not want to be caught on camera, they are their number one priority.

Finally, never lock your bike through its wheel. Whenever I see that out and about, I just laugh. It is really easy to remove a wheel and just leave it there, please lock your bike through the frame!

Tips to protect your motorbike from thieves

Any final words?

If I have ever stolen your bike, even if I was not the cause, that shit still sucks, and I’m sorry. 

I know what I do is wrong, and eventually, I’ll stop. 

In the meantime, be smarter about where you park your motorbike and how you protect it too. 

Thanks for chatting with me.


As we conclude this revealing conversation with Jason, we are left with mixed emotions. His candid account of how he fell into the world of crime serves as a cautionary tale for all, emphasizing the importance of guiding young individuals away from the lure of illegal activities.

However, amidst the darkness, Jason offers a glimmer of redemption by sharing his knowledge on safeguarding your vehicle against motorcycle theft. 

Learn from his insights and take proactive measures to protect your prized possessions such as securing it with strong locks, utilizing surveillance measures, or installing a GPS tracker can act as a deterrent to potential thieves.

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