Myths and Misconceptions about Vehicle GPS Tracking

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding GPS trackers.

Because of this, many people, maybe even you, are missing out on the benefits of GPS tracking.

Proving these myths wrong and learning more about tracking devices will give you an honest view of what trackers can really do.

Here are the 5 dangerous myths about GPS tracking that you need to ignore.

1. If You Trust Your Employees, You Don't Need GPS Trackers

It’s great that you trust your team, but that’s not really the essence and function of a GPS tracker. Sure, you can monitor your employee’s whereabouts, but the goal of GPS tracking is to improve security and reduce your operating costs.

Before installing a GPS tracker inside your fleet or vehicle, inform your employees why you’re tracking them. But if you’re tracking your own vehicle, there’s no need to inform anyone.

Learn more about the legality of GPS tracking.

Employers use a GPS Tracker to monitor vehicles

2. GPS Tracking Systems are Complicated to Install and Use

It’s true that some GPS trackers are complicated to install, but if you’re looking for a back-to-basics GPS tracker, then a Solid GPS tracker is your next best friend.

To install a Solid GPS tracker, all you need to do is charge it up, turn it on, and hide it inside your vehicle.

Yes, it’s as simple as that, there’s absolutely no wiring involved.

How the Solid GPS tracker works

3. You Don't Need a GPS Tracker When You Have a Phone

Although mobile phones are helpful tools, cell phones, and tablets don’t provide you with accurate information to help protect your vehicle.

GPS tracking devices are 100% better than GPS tracking apps. 

Trackers are a good investment to make for any business or individual who’s interested in a system that’s designed to keep tabs on your vehicle and track where it is 24/7.

While GPS tracking apps are suited towards tracking people as your phone is almost always on you 24/7, not in your vehicle.

Learn more about GPS tracker vs. Phone tracking.

GPS Trackers VS GPS Apps

4. What is the Point of Getting a Specific Tracker?

There are 5 subtypes of GPS trackers available, those are Bluetooth, OBD, Satellite, Wired-in, and  Wireless.

A brief description of each is as follows:

Bluetooth: Small, convenient, and cheap trackers that have a limited range of 100 metres, perfect for keys & wallets.

OBD: Limited to connecting to your vehicle’s OBD port, it gives you in-depth telematics about your vehicle but provides next to no theft protection.

Satellite: Rather than relying on mobile coverage, these trackers work nearly anywhere in the world. Although they’re higher priced.

Wired: These trackers have little to no backup battery so they connect to your vehicle’s battery, they’ll give you more information about your vehicle. If found, are easy to disable by thieves.

Wireless: The best option for easy tracking as no wiring is needed, and there’s a lower chance of a thief discovering your tracker.

The above list is just covering the various types of GPS trackers and you can easily see the different applications for all.

An OBD compared to a satellite tracker would be terrible to track a hiker but would be great to get loads of information about your car.

Learn more about the differences between the GPS tracking types.

5 Subtypes of GPS trackers

5. GPS Trackers Are Not Effective

Knowing where your vehicle is 24/7, no matter where you are, is proof itself that a GPS tracker is valuable.

It provides peace of mind knowing that where you park your caravan, car, motorcycle, or anything in between, will still be there when you go to sleep and wake up again.

And if it’s not there, using a tracker like Solid GPS means you can hide it nearly anywhere inside your vehicle and recover if it gets stolen.

Benefits of installing a Solid GPS tracker


Most misconceptions or myths about GPS trackers are created by other companies installing dodgy trackers on vehicles and then vanishing.

By designing, developing, and assembling Solid GPS trackers here in Australia, we aim to cut past all the deception and provide a GPS tracker that just works.

Aside from a one-year warranty, quick setup, and exceptional customer support, we provide monthly or yearly options, making it an affordable option to keep your vehicles safe. 

Learn more about the Solid GPS Tracker.

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