The 4 Best GPS Trackers in 2021

The 4 Best GPS Trackers in 2021

Introduction To cut through the clutter of GPS trackers that flood the market, we’ve picked out the four best trackers in 2021. And not only the best GPS trackers, but one that’s perfect for your unique situation.  From the car enthusiast who wants to track his or her car 24/7, the manager who wants to […]

Are GPS Trackers Legal in Australia?

Are GPS Trackers Legal in Australia

Introduction The short answer is yes. You can track yourself and your vehicles, as long as you’re the only one driving them. Once other people are involved it gets tricky. Especially if it’s your employees you’re tracking. GPS Trackers are powerful little devices that give you the opportunity to track anywhere in the world. Hence […]

The Feature You’ve Been Waiting For WatchDog Mode

Watch Dog Mode

Introduction We’ve asked for your feedback and you, the people, have spoken. We heard you loud and clear, so that’s why we are releasing WatchDog Mode. A lot of you have asked us to make a simple button on the dashboard that creates a small temporary boundary around your tracker.  When that boundary is tripped, […]

How to Recover a Stolen Trailer in 6 Hours

Stolen Trailer Tracker

Introduction John Jones works at Ark Window Tinting Solutions and is one of our customers. Back in April 2020, he ordered a couple Solid GPS trackers to install into his trailers. On the 24th of September in 2020 at around 5AM one of his trailers was stolen. Here’s his story of how he got it […]

The History of GPS and How GPS Trackers Work

GPS Satellite in Space

Introduction To understand GPS Tracking, we must first understand the Global Positioning System. The GPS or Global Positioning System cost around $12 billion USD to build and launch.  It’s free for anyone to use. But initially, GPS wasn’t available to the public. It was created by the American government to provide all their military and […]

The Story of Solid GPS

The Future of Solid GPS

Introduction When our neighbourhood was struck by a series of burglaries. Trent was kept up at night with the thought of thieves stealing his Cfmoto 650. Back in 2015 was the first time theft directly effected him when thieves stole our neighbours Ninja 300. Read more about that story here. So thinking back on that […]

What is the Best Type of GPS Tracker?

Satellite in the sky

Introduction The world of tracking is a weird and wonderful place. From an outsiders perspective, you might see a bunch of similar devices that track things. But that’s not entirely true. When it comes to the tracking industry there’s price gouging, ruthless competition and a difference between GPS, Satellite, Bluetooth and OBD Tracking. Unless you’re […]

5 Clever Features that make Solid GPS a thief’s worst nightmare

Solid GPS is a thieves worst nightmare

Introduction Back in 2015, I lived in an apartment complex in Melbourne, my neighbour had a Ninja 300, it was a beautiful red and black beast. He had owned it for a couple of years and spent hours working on it every week. Even though it was cheap compared to other bikes, he loved it. […]

The Complete Comprehensive Guide to GPS Tracking


Why are we sharing this information? A while ago we were talking with a motorcycle shop owner, a streets-smart kinda guy. He had been working on motorcycles basically his whole life.  He said that he doesn’t want to use GPS trackers to protect his vintage motorcycles because he didn’t trust them. (He owned a 1962 […]