The 4 Best GPS Trackers in 2021

The 4 Best GPS Trackers in 2021

Introduction To cut through the clutter of GPS trackers that flood the market, we’ve picked out the four best trackers in 2021. And not only the best GPS trackers, but one that’s perfect for your unique situation.  From the car enthusiast who wants to track his or her car 24/7, the manager who wants to […]

The Top 10 Most Stolen Motorcycles in Australia

Woman on Motorcycle

Introduction Motorcycle theft is down when you compare 2020 to 2019. But if you take a look at these stats through the lens of what Australian’s experienced during 2020, a new picture emerges. The entire country was locked down for months on end and motorcycle theft only fell by 16.7%. That’s insane, and it goes […]

What We Can Learn From Motorcycle Theft In 2019

Motorcyclist with Solid GPS

Introduction There’s that sinking feeling in every motorcyclist’s stomach that one day they’re going to come home and find their pride and joy gone. All that’s left will be a broken lock. One time our neighbour owned a Ninja 300 and in the middle of the night, four guys in a van hopped out, cut […]

5 Clever Features that make Solid GPS a thief’s worst nightmare

Solid GPS is a thieves worst nightmare

Introduction Back in 2015, I lived in an apartment complex in Melbourne, my neighbour had a Ninja 300, it was a beautiful red and black beast. He had owned it for a couple of years and spent hours working on it every week. Even though it was cheap compared to other bikes, he loved it. […]

A Conversation with a Motorcycle Thief

Woman on a motorcycle

First of all, who are you and what do you do? My name is Jason and I’m a motorcycle thief. I won’t try and justify it, basically, what I do is scour the streets for motorcycles with little to no protection and, well I steal them.  Either stripping them down for parts, selling them online […]

The 4 Simple Steps Needed to Recover your Vehicle from Theft

Bolt cutting a motorbike lock

1. Call the Police Assistance Line (131 444) As soon as you have confirmed that your vehicle has been stolen, call the police assistance line or report it online. However, if the value of the theft is over $5,000 you cannot use the online route. Australia-wide phone number: 131 444Hearing/Speech impaired: TTY 106Online Reporting (Less […]